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Safe Storage of Firearms Saves Lives - Speaker view
Fathima Rifkey
Please feel free to leave any questions for the panelists by clicking the "Q&A" button, found on the bottom ribbon of your zoom screen where you would normally find your audio/video settings.
Fathima Rifkey
Lois - I saw that you had your hand raised. Please feel free to type any questions in here or the Q&A box, and I'd be happy to raise your question at the next opportunity.
Rev. Dr. Marlon Tilghman
The Q&A Box is not working for panelist. What is the Bill numbers for House and Senate that Susan mentioned.
Rev. Dr. Marlon Tilghman
If we could put these resources in the chat box that would be helpful taking notes.
Fathima Rifkey
I believe she plans to send the links in the chat. I will send them out with the recording as well tomorrow.
Fathima Rifkey
Donna Renn
Thank you all! My husband and I both found this very informative.
David Fossett
Is there a location where we can purchase gun locks
Pastor Rick Oursler
gun locks can be purchased at WalMart, Bas Pro any gun shop or as always off of Amazon:)
Fathima Rifkey
Thank you all for joining us! Please consider joining us next week for the Gun Violence Prevention Team's next webinar:How to Stop the Shooting on our Streets/ Take Back our Neighborhoods: Violence Interruption Programs/Ghost Guns.Tuesday, February 15th from 6pm to 8pm. Register at: https://bwcumc.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ns1tmxOsTpaxZZYztU7QRg/
Darlene Proctor
thank you