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See Me, I Am Here: Men of Color Mental Health
This session is designed to help participant understand and explore racial inequities, psychosocial stigma, institutional racism, systemic invisibility, and psychological barriers that overtly and covertly deny men of color access to quality mental health support and services. This session will provide practical approaches, intervention strategies, and resources that foster effective engagement and active participation of men of color in their mental health trajectory.
Learning Objectives:
* Identify institutional and psychological frameworks/barriers that prevent ready access of men of color to mental health
*Identify and describe dynamics of historic trauma, binary colorism, internalized oppression, racial social injustice, and systemic invisibility that adversely impact men of color which perpetuate binary distrust of mental health systems
*Describe approaches that facilitate active and self-directed partnership and access of men of color to mental health systems
*Provide practical steps, strategies, interventions, and resources to foster engagement and active participation of men of color in the mental health system

About the presenter
Mr. Kevin Mason has worked in the clinical field for 36 years, providing clinical support to adults, adolescents, children, and families. He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with an expertise in Pastoral Counseling and Mood Disorders. Mr. Mason is dedicated to assisting individuals in working through barriers as well as resolving internal conflicts by discovering their truth and finding their voice on their journey to wholeness, self-actualization, and healing.

Mr. Mason has facilitated many psychoeducational and psychospiritual groups as well as workshops and seminars throughout the state of Maryland at annual conferences, in the workplace, with ecumenical congregations and clergy in the areas of behavioral health, trauma, wellness promotion, psychospirituality, and resilience across the lifespan.


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